Navigating the medical billing industry for private surgical practices can be challenging. The billing process is complicated, and many practices don’t have a dedicated billing expert on staff. To alleviate the pressure and enable surgical practices to concentrate on their patients, outsourcing medical billing is an excellent option.

Entrust Medical Billing offers a comprehensive medical billing solution that handles billing, medical coding, and collections. Choosing a top-tier company such as Entrust Medical Billing allows private surgical practices to thrive while focusing on healthcare, rather than the business of healthcare. With an efficient team, payments are processed quickly, and outstanding balances are reduced. The team can also help with special authorization with insurance companies, including Medicare and Medicaid.

A Team of Experts

At Entrust Medical Billing, we assure you that our team is capable of handling all aspects of medical billing. Our team is trained in protecting patients’ private information and maintaining confidentiality. We continuously update our training to ensure compliance with new laws and changes to medical coding. Security is of utmost importance when outsourcing billing, and our team is well-trained in protecting both patients and customers.

When working with private surgical practices, we make sure to learn the best medical coding and billing practices. We recognize that each surgical center is different, and depending on the type of surgery, coding, and billing may vary. Our team works with a range of surgeons, from orthopedic to gynecological, to provide the best support possible.

The Entrust Medical Billing process includes:

  • Conducting background checks on employees

  • Utilizing top-of-the-line billing software that is regularly updated

  • Performing daily backups and employing security services for added protection

  • Using a secure connection for digital patient information, with the option of mailing information for added security

Submitting Claims Quickly to Ensure Prompt Payment

Although medical billing may not seem to have varying levels of quality, there are differences between different medical billing practices. Our primary focus is on providing patients and doctors with fast and patient-focused solutions rather than dealing with medical red tape. We understand that the paperwork involved in surgeries and insurance payouts can be complicated, which can take time away from doctors’ practices. We offer high-end solutions to ensure that doctors can focus on treating patients, rather than dealing with medical billing. Some of the services we offer for private surgical practices include revenue cycle management, insurance verification, medical coding services, indexing medical records, and physician credentialing.

Medical Billing Provider with Specialized Training

While many medical billing centers cater to larger practices, Entrust Medical Billing caters to practices of all sizes to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our medical billing services ensure that reimbursements are efficient and often increased in quantity and quality, relieving our clients of collection worries. Our highly trained medical coders utilize specially developed medical billing software to help increase revenue and reduce claim denials. Our private surgical practices have reported improved revenue cycles and fewer outstanding claims with our services. With Entrust Medical Billing, clients have access to customized reports and account information to suit their specific needs. Financial reports are available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. By reducing rejections and denials, our services increase collection rates.

Transparent and Affordable Solutions

At Entrust Medical Billing, we value transparency in the cost of outsourcing medical billing services. We offer an affordable and efficient option for our clients, allowing them to choose the specific services they require. Our transparency ensures that clients know precisely what they are paying for and the services they will receive. Our team also looks for opportunities to improve practice returns while still performing standard medical billing processes. We understand that outsourcing medical billing may seem like a significant expense, but when you factor in the increased revenues and reduced outstanding balances, the services often pay for themselves.

We promise to be transparent in our pricing and not charge extra for different services. We offer various packages and options to our customers, with pricing for add-ons clearly indicated. Our team strives to give the best value for each medical practice.

We provide customized medical billing solutions that are specific to the needs of each practice. We offer price transparency, and our clients only pay for the services they use. Our team can provide a personalized quote that outlines the costs associated with utilizing our services based on the specific needs of the medical practice.

If you want to grow your private surgical practice, outsourcing your medical billing can be a great solution. At Entrust Medical Billing, our team can help increase your revenue and decrease outstanding collections, while also freeing up your staff from the burden of medical billing. We would be happy to meet with you and discuss your medical billing needs. Our team is ready and available to assist you.

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