Our staff is highly experienced in all facets of medical billing


Our team understand credentialing is a vital process that must be completed for providers and facilities.  We accurately complete applications for each practicing provider and monitor status through approval.

Frontend Transparency

Our team values their relationship with frontend staff because recovering revenue starts with the actions taken on the frontend.

Claim Scrubbing

Our team knows scrubbing each medical claims prior to claim submission can ensure accuracy, reduce clearinghouse and payer denials, and expedite revenue.

Coding Oversight

Our team oversights the coding on each claim which helps to promote accurate clean claims and reduces payer denials.

Claim Submission

Our team submits claims electronically on a regular basis to ensure continuous revenue flow.

Payment Posting

Our team understands payment posting done on a regular basis will generate a positive impact on the revenue cycle and improve cashflow for our clients.

Denial Management

Our team takes a proactive approach to claims denial management.  Claim denials can occur for various reasons many of which are preventable with training, education, and transparency with clients.


Regular reporting and Key Performance Indicator tracking is the best way to monitor practice financial health and performance.

Medical Billing in Boise with Decades of Experience

Medical billing with surgeons and surgery centers in mind

Medical billing with surgeons and surgery centers in mind

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